Welcome to C2, formerly Creasman Consulting, and a veteran-owned company. Since 2004, we have served various technological needs of businesses and government entities. We started out as a web design company (long before WYSIWYG editors were commonplace) and by 2011 had became a full service networking company offering domain-based network services including domain controllers, Exchange email, and Active Directory. We also were installing Nortel and Atlas PBX phone systems for almost a decade.

With the relentless march of technology, we evolved to meet the new challenges of our customers. By 2018 we were developing custom built surveillance solutions for the narcotics division of our local sheriff’s office. By 2019, we had developed a custom solution for real-time connectivity in patrol cars and ambulances, allowing for a new twist on in-car dash cams. Read more about it in our Networking Section.

We are a pioneering company, ever-evolving to tackle the problems of tomorrow by re-envisioning solutions for today.