We develop custom surveillance systems for the Law Enforcement community.

The C2-UCP2-MK2 is a versatile pole mounted surveillance system, designed to be mounted on a power pole by local utility company. It features two PTZ Infrared cameras, capable of 25X mechanical zoom and up to 400X optical zoom. One camera is typically configured to read license plates, while the other is configured to watch the target.

Connectivity is achieved via a Sierra Wireless Terminal Gateway, using 4G LTE from your local carrier. The system provides both live and recorded playback via your phone, tablet, or computer.

Most systems on the market are built with the intent of concealing the cameras; sacrificing the true capability of the cameras. Via field testing with local agencies and coupled with the incredible distance-to-target the zoom feature allows, the units are typically un-noticed by the target subjects.

Additionally, the system supports the use of tripwire-email notification. An area can be set such that if movement enters the area and the tripwire is activated, an email is sent with three snapshots attached, each two seconds apart. This allows for the system to be setup such that officers are not having to monitor it constantly.

Systems with both 4G cellular and WIFI connectivity have also been constructed. The C2-UCP2-MK1W, pictured right, comes with WIFI connectivity, as well as 4G Cellular. This is useful if the unit is placed in areas of poor cellular coverage. Officers can get close to the unit from an undercover vehicle and download footage via laptops.

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