C2 offers small business to enterprise level networking support, such as Active Directory, Exchange services, and domain controller implementation.

We also offer assistance and engineering with unified surveillance camera solutions; tying geo-diverse camera systems into one unified system.

One of our most recent projects was a re-envisioning of patrol car dash camera systems. Beside the dash cam, we also implemented a cage cam, and we connected the entire system in real time back to the sheriff’s office. Thus, during a all-hands event (such as a standoff or hostage crisis) every patrol car that arrives on scene becomes a set of surveillance cameras for Command.

On top of that, real time connectivity of patrol cars removes the need for worrying about charging MiFi’s and turns every patrol car into a hotspot. It connects officers back to dispatch for purposes of mobile CAD and GPS locators. Officers can even print their reports to printers at the office when they are miles away.

Networking isn’t simply about ”office work” anymore. It’s about connecting new ideas and re-imagining old ones. Contact us for your solutions today.